NYPD Detective Clifford Spell Investigated for Statutory Sexual Assault


NYPD Detective Clifford Spell was assigned to investigate questionable checks that were cashed at JP Morgan Chase Bank. When Detective Spell questioned former bank teller Faith Brewster, he made it clear that she could be arrested and face a lot of time, then initiated sex with her.  Another young woman Summer Robbins was similarly engaged by Spell.  The Department of Justice has initiated an investigation with the New York Internal Affairs Bureau into all of Detective Spell's cases, as these statutory sexual assaults may involve many more victims than what was recently revealed in Federal Court.  (See link: NYPD Detective Had Sex with JPMC Witness So SDNY Trial Delayed as Detention Continues (innercitypress.com))

On July 6, 2023 it was uncovered in the Federal Courtroom of Judge Rakoff in the case United States v. Wells, that a white NYPD Detective Clifford Spell was using his position of power to pressure young black women to have sex to avoid arrest and to provide him evidence.  The defendant in the case has been trying to get evidence about a questionable search warrant affidavit for over two years.  (Case #: 20-cr-633 see: www.pacer.gov)

One of Detective Spell's victims, Ms. Faith Brewster, was interviewed by the DOJ on July 3, 2023.  She stated that "Detective Spell was the investigating detective." "[I] was worried he was going to arrest me that day.  I was thinking where my son would go if I were arrested. He offered to take me to lunch.  I was nervous, agreed to go to lunch.  He paid for lunch. I knew the circumstances of [the] situation I was in, so [it] struck me as a bit odd." "He said another detective indicated I might face a big charge." "I thought if I didn't play nice the situation could turn worse, like I could go to jail for a long time.  He was talking to me more about generally what could happen from what he had seen, possible outcomes."

"Second or third time he visited, we ended up having a sexual interaction. He was perhaps there to show me photos that day." "[He] did the business of showing photos, then we had sex. He was there for two or three hours.  He initiated sex " "I assumed that if I cut off [the] relationship it could have a negative impact on my case." "I usually met with Spell when something was coming up about the case. He would normally contact me to interact or go out.  He would usually initiate physical interactions. I was intimate with Spell for maybe 5 or 6 months. During [the] case we would meet as often as he needed to see me about the case." "[I] had sexually explicit messages with [from] Spell." "After that I ended up getting arrested." "[I] ultimately blocked him."

New York Internal Affairs Bureau is not only investigating his actions with Ms. Brewster, but also other women that he was investigating, including Summer Robbins.  Ms. Robbins revealed in her interview with the DOJ on June 3, 2023 that "Spell come to [her] mom's house and job" and he "took her to IHOP". Spell suggested that "I can try to get you a deal." She asked Detective Spell that "if I don't cooperate, will you arrest me? He said eventually."

In a June 30, 2023 interview of Detective Spell by the DOJ, speaking about Faith Brewster, he stated "we got friendly, we would speak together, we would pray with each other. We went out a few times, it didn't last very long.  It ended with us not wanting to get committed.  It lasted a couple of months ... We were intimate throughout the time we were dating." "He further stated that "[I] know that it's frowned upon to develop [a] relationship with someone who is a witness."

When an NYPD police detective uses coercion and intimidation to sexually prey on women, these actions must be firmly addressed.  Federal law has consistently held that the government is liable when sexual assault by a police officer "furthers the employer's business", as was done by Detective Spell. See: Doe v. St. Clair City, 2018 US Dist. LEXIS 135374

The Racial Justice Reform Movement asks you to email and pick up the phone and demand justice for Spell's victims and to immediately dismiss the case of United States v. Wells, 20-cr-633.  Sexual predator NYPD Detective Clifford Spell must be arrested and charged for Statutory Sexual Assault. Women should not ever be intimidated to have sex with our government officials to avoid arrest. If we will not stand up for our women, who will we stand up for?


(1) United States Attorney Damian Williams at 212-637-2200

(2) New York City Mayor Eric Adams at 212-NEW-YORK

(3) Prosecutor Katherine Cheng at 212-637-2492; katherine.cheng@doj.gov

(4) Prosecutor Jeffrey Coyle at 212-637-2437; jeffrey.coyle@doj.gov

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