Newark Juneteenth Racial Justice Reform Protest along with hundreds of Newark families will be protesting Friday, June 16th

The Protest will be held at the Newark Federal Building at 970 Broad Street, on the Friday before Juneteenth weekend, June 16, 8am.

Newark, New Jersey Jun 13, 2023 (  - While Attorney General Merrick Garland issued federal DOJ mandates on Dec 16, 2023 to limit the use of the abusive 3 strikes federal statute 4B1.1, the overuse of the mandatory minimums and the 924(c) federal law that allows prosecutors to double charge nonviolent gun possessions, the Newark Federal prosecutors office has all but ignored them.  They continue to pick up hundreds of non-violent New Jersey state cases each month of Black and Latino local defendants and use these statutes to take a person's sentence exposure from a year or two up to 22 years based on the three strikes law.  Some of these people only have a record with probation in their past.  There is no sense of racial equity to allowing non-violent petty priors to be equal to violent crimes like murder, rape, bank robberies and shootings. The community will not stand for it anymore.  Federal prosecutors must focus on federal cases and not use local cases to bolster their careers and rack up convictions.  It is time to say "no more".  Newark has a long and storied history of being first to stand up against racism.  This will be the first such protest in America.  

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 June 16th, Friday, from 8am-5pm There will 

 be a protest regarding systemic over 

 incarceration of urban minorities. This includes targeting the laws that create absurd 

 multi-decade sentences for common petty 

 nonviolent urban crimes. 

 Come out on Friday and let the rogue 

 prosecutors hear your voices. 

 NOW is the time for racial Justice reform.  

Location: 970 Broad Street, Newark, NJ