Isaiah Freeman Police Brutality Case


Federal Lawsuit Charges Five US Marshals with Shooting an Unconscious Unarmed Black Man in the Head Twice and Beating him into a Coma:  Rogue Marshal Team Being Called a Hit Squad.:

A lawsuit filed in Connecticut Federal Court on July 14, 2023 alleges that US Marshals Duran Rowe, Andre Alomar, and 3 other US Marshals shot a man in the head twice after he was already tased by 3 taser guns at once and laid unconscious.  The lawsuit alleges that one of the US Marshals then bashed the man's head with the butt of a rifle, while his body laid limp and helpless.  See case #: 3:23-cv-00937, Freeman v. Rowe et al.

This occurred in Waterbury, Connecticut where the lawsuit explains that the marshals were executing a warrant.  Isaiah Freeman was taking bags of garbage down to the street in front of his home when two plain clothes marshals jumped out from behind bushes with assault rifles.  Mr. Freeman dropped the garbage bags and turned and ran in fear back towards his house where three more plain clothes marshals ran towards him and shot him with three taser guns at once. Three leads hit his face, one in his arm, one in his abdomen and one on his leg. Freeman's limp unarmed body immediately dropped to the ground. This is when this group of marshals turned into a hit squad. Marshals approached and shot Freeman's limp body in the head twice with live ammunition and another officer bashed him in the skull repeatedly with the butt of his rifle, as neighbors watched.  Blood immediately began pouring from the face, nose, jaw, and brain of Freeman. 

Freeman's unconscious body was handcuffed and put in ankle shackles and driven to St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut.  When the hospital would not accept Freeman, he was brought instead to Rider County Jail in Danbury, Connecticut.   Rider County Jail would not accept Freeman in the condition he was in, so Marshals drove him across 3 states to Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, New Jersey.

Essex County Correctional Facility immediately sent him to University Medical Center Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.  Freeman was in a coma for 7 days before regaining consciousness. 

Freeman, lucky to survive, now has a metal plate in his skull.  The bullets were not removed due to the dangers involved with extraction so close to his brain and spinal cord.  Freeman's eyes were swollen shut and he also had a fractured nose. Freeman has permanent brain damage, blurred vision, memory loss, ringing in the ears, severe headaches, and unrelenting neck pain along with mental health issues caused by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Freeman's shoulder sustained extensive ligament and tendon tears from marshals lifting his limp handcuffed body by the arms and popping his arms out of the shoulder socket.

Freeman is demanding an investigation and the arrest of these rogue marshals, but there has been no response as yet from the Department of Justice. 

The public must demand accountability.  Here’s what you can do:

(1) Contact Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco at 202-514-2000, press option 4 and leave a message.  Also email and 

(2) Email Joe Biden via 

(3) US Attorney for the District of Connecticut Vanessa Roberts Avery must take action.  You can reach her at (203) 821-3700. Mission Statement: (1) Identify and stop prosecutorial misconduct along with government and police corruption (2) Prevent urban youth from getting involved in crime through our developing "My Godparent" mentor program; (3) eliminate systemically racist laws that create excessive sentences for common non-violent urban crimes; (4) Take on cases for free via our RJR Innocence Project to prevent wrongful convictions and over-incarceration before it happens.