6/22/23 Timothy Wimbush Case

Black Defendant Sentence Date Approaches in Drug Conviction Tied to Trenton Police Corruption

The Racial Justice Reform Movement holds protests and rallies, lobbies Congress and state legislatures, educates the public, and takes on individual defendants’ cases of extreme racial injustice for free.  The case of Timothy L. Wimbush is one such case.  While Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum on December 16, 2022, with recommendations to halt three specified systemic racist laws: Career Offender (3 strikes), Mandatory Minimums, and 924c against nonviolent  defendants, Mr. Wimbush's prosecutor has ignored the mandates and applied all three to him anyway. According to General Garland's memorandum, these laws "have resulted in disparities in the criminal justice state!."

Mr. Wimbush is now facing 30 years to life on his upcoming sentence date of July 18, 2023, at 10am in the Trenton Federal Courthouse for nonviolent possessory charges. To make his case worse, the conviction was achieved even after Trenton police Officer David Ordille was caught lying on the stand, falsifying records, and was suspended for his  actions. (See: Trentonian article titled "Trenton cop facing dismissal for lying on search warrant in federal drug case." By Isaac Avilucea iavilucea@trentonian.com  @isaacavilucea. On Twitter.



One goal of the Racial Justice Reform Movement is for urban minorities to receive fair sentences for their crimes, not 30 to life, like what Mr. Wimbush is facing for a minor possessory charge. Mr. Wimbush's "Career Offender" is based on 21 grams of drugs over his whole life. The cycle of over incarcerating Blacks and Latinos for multi-decade sentences propagates a vicious cycle of fatherless children and more poverty and desperation.


His case caught the eye of President Joe Biden, who wrote a letter to Tim on May 8, 2023.  President Biden stated "The promise of our Nation has long been underpinned by the values of fairness and justice for all Americans...and to recognize that the promise of equal and impartial justice remains a promise - not a reality - in too many communities and particularly in Black and Brown communities...Our plan includes eliminating racial disparities and ensuring fair sentences."



On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at 10am, at Mr. Wimbush's sentencing, the public must show up and ask for Racial Equity and Fair Justice for Mr. Timothy Wimbush. Those who cannot attend must make their opinion known ahead of time, by phone or email and demand the removal of the three systemic racist charges: Career Offender, the Mandatory Minimum and the 924c, as per General Garland's mandates. They can email Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco at: usdoj@public.govdelivery.com; United States Attorney for New Jersey Philip Sellinger at: Philip.sellinger@usdoj.gov; Trenton Attorney -in- Charge Alexander Ramey at: Alexander.ramey@usdoj.gov/609-656-2559  Cory Booker at: hello@corybooker.com; and their Congressman using www.congress.gov.


For more information, contact Racial Justice Reform at: 862-289-3395 or admin@RacialJusticeReform.com. website: www.RacialJusticeReform.com. Instagram: @racialjusticereform Facebook: Racial Justice Reform Twitter: @Racial Justice Reform

Family, friends, and supporters of Tim Wimbush  gather peacefully on the courthouse steps to demonstrate their support and demand fair and just treatment for Tim prior to the July 18th sentencing.